Monday, December 14, 2015

Book Review

So, big news for the day: An absolutely awesome person has written an absolutely awesome review for my book Avalanche. She has like a zillion blogs, so I'm not sure exactly where to direct you, but I'll go with the blog where she posted the review:

She is very, very cool and you should all go and see all of her many great blogs. Also, this one here: This is a good one.

Anyway. There is a book review. It is here:

You guys should all go and read it. Then you guys should all go and buy the book. That one's over here:

Also, I know I've barely blogged in the last month and a half. And when I show up on here, it's mostly links. Like today. Sorry. But I am finally back home in the United States, so things are getting a little less crazy and I'm hoping for some time to rant about some fairy tales soon.

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