Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cinderella Girl

One of the poems from my new book, thin. Check out the rest here!

cinderella girl

it’s not just a shoe you have to fit
one quick cut at the heel or toe
no, it’s all of you
a whole damn body of too big,
of nothing right, of second place

you cut a thick slab from each side
but it only makes your hips look too wide

but heels are not made of fat—
you’ve cut through bone before

stop eating—you’ll get dizzy and hear
those singing birds
be beautiful as you faint at his feet

cindy, sweetie, you don’t need
to be this way
your stepmother loves you
she never meant to be mean
when she called it a mistake
falling for that boy
who remembered your dress size

but forgot your face

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