Sunday, March 5, 2017

Missing:One Fairy Tale, Mermaid Involved

So when I was little, I used to google "obscure fairy tales," then go through twenty pages of results, reading everything I could find. And I found some good stuff. The problem is, ten to fifteen years later, I'm having trouble finding it again.So I am here today to ask for your help.

There is one particular fairy tale that I've been trying hard to relocate for about three years now. Here's what I remember:

  • there was a princess trapped in a castle at the edge of the ocean
  • she had a mermaid friend
  • the mermaid really wanted the princess to hook up with her brother
  • mermen are really ugly
  • when the princess wasn't interested, the mermaid started flooding the palace
  • there was a prince around, too
  • he might have been enchanted to be a bird, possibly a blue one
  • the princess might have been a painter?
If you have seen this story, please contact me via the comments.

(Seriously guys, I'm desperate. This has haunted me for the better part of a decade.)

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