Sunday, October 8, 2017

Lindworm: My Story

The curse is broken, but the transition from beast to prince isn't always that easy.

After the lindworm is defeated, Marit expects to go back to her normal life. But two princesses are still dead, and two wars are still brewing, and Marit is (technically) still married to the lindworm. Or Prince David, as they’re calling him now.

The thing about Davey is that he’s hopeless—and who can blame him? He spent the first two decades of his life as a giant snake. He doesn’t know what to do with legs. He doesn’t know what to do with hands. He doesn’t appreciate his new sense of smell, or his new hearing and eyesight, or the fact that he has to chew his food now. All of this, in addition to the fact that his dragon instincts have been replaced with a human conscience, leading to overwhelming guilt over the two princesses he ate.

All Marit wants is to go home to her father and sister. But instead she finds herself deeply embroiled in palace intrigue, trying to save a depressed, inept prince from himself and everyone around him.

Okay, so this is the shortest post I’ve ever written, with the exception of those times I’ve just put up a random poem. A little more background: the story is set somewhere vaguely Scandinavian, sometime after the Protestant Reformation. It takes place primarily after the original fairy tale, dealing with the aftermath for the following year or so. Folkloric influences are primarily Danish and Norwegian, though it occasionally draws from German, Swedish, and even Japanese tales.

There’s one more post in the Lindworm series, but it likely won’t go up right away—I’m super ready to talk about other things.

Anyway, remember that Chapter Two was posted on Patreon today. You can access this, and upcoming chapters, by becoming a $1 supporter.

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